ProVenture Seed III

In February 2020 we opened our third seed fund. This fund will be invested in digital technology startups that aspire to build substantial economic, social and environmental value by utilizing sustainable business models.  

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Loopfront provides a circular management SaaS platform, which enables business and government to reuse building materials, fixtures and furniture.



Wanda (Global Storage Solutions AS) is a technology and logistics company delivering storage space as a service. Wanda transforms unused, low-cost space into efficient storage facilities, and offers an affordable, convenient and sustainable way to create more space for people and businesses in urban areas.


Cimon Medical

Cimon Medical develops and manufactures novel Doppler ultrasound technology for healthcare and aim to become the market leader in continuous direct monitoring of blood-flow.



Snapmed is a telemedicine provider offering online dermatology consultations in a secure and efficient way. Snapmed makes it possible to get a skin exam done within 24 hours, done by certified and experienced dermatologists. ​


Work in progress

We will announce more investments soon.



Making sense of data. Streaming solution that collects, processes, monitors, analyses and visualises data – across IoT, SCADA, maintenance systems and open data sources – enabling data-driven organisations.



Software that enables touchless and password free authentication for cloud services, mobile apps and IOT devices. The technology provides high performance speaker onboarding and recognition - gender, age and emotional detection, and speaker separation.



Nivel enables cities to get the best out of shared micromobility; digital automation tools to city regulators and micro mobility providers such as electric scooter operators. The Nivel cloud solution supports geographical zone regulation using real-time taxation, subsidization and more. ​


Senti Systems

SentiSystems provide a scalable and flexible sensor fusion platform making it easy to produce highly accurate sensor fusion timing and synchronization for autonomous systems. The novel HW-SW platform reduces risk, saves time and enable innovation for autonomous vehicle designers and manufacturers.​