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Cimon Medical

Cimon Medical develops and manufactures novel Doppler ultrasound technology for healthcare and aim to become the market leader in continuous direct monitoring of blood-flow.


Wanda (Global Storage Solutions AS) is a technology and logistics company delivering storage space as a service. Wanda transforms unused, low-cost space into efficient storage facilities, and offers an affordable, convenient and sustainable way to create more space for people and businesses in urban areas.


High performance node controllers for large computer systems.

Kairos Technology

Improves production effectiveness by providing a software that will reduce effects of abnormal situations, avoiding shutdowns, and provide real-time decision support when abnormalities occur in complex industrial systems.

Scale Protection

Scale monitoring, management, and protection.


Downhole wireline tool utilizing focused acoustic energy to provide a hole in the borehole wall for stress testing of formation in exploration wells.

Ace Oil Tools AS

Stop collars with superior holding force.

Seabed Separation

Unique subsea separator system with significant IOR-potential, removing produced water at the seabed and offer accurate production allocation at seabed with no production loss.

Well Conveyor

Slim Battery-powered Conveyor (SBC) for conveying logging tools, distributed sensing cables and light intervention tools in slim or restricted, highly deviated and horizontal wells.


Conoptica is providing high tech camera based measurement solutions for the metal working industry. Conoptica is the market leader for measurement equipment in the wire & cable industry.

Work in progress

We will announce more investments soon.


Making sense of data. Streaming solution that collects, processes, monitors, analyses and visualises data – across IoT, SCADA, maintenance systems and open data sources – enabling data-driven organisations.


Software that enables touchless and password free authentication for cloud services, mobile apps and IOT devices. The technology provides high performance speaker onboarding and recognition - gender, age and emotional detection, and speaker separation.


Digital real-time collaboration software that interact with most ERP and M&M systems. Increase efficiency and reduce ad-hoc work.


Inline testing and certfication of pressure safety valves.


High accuracy clamp-on flow rate and phase fraction meter for gas, wet gas, oil, water, oil/water and drilling mud systems. Onshoe/topside and subsea application.


Production logging of wells using heat pulses. Provides formation production allocation.


Monitoring of annulus and enclosed well volumes. Provides the operator with real time data access in preparation for drilling, production or intervention of the well.


Filter that removes magnetic micro particles from mud during drilling operation. The effect is improved directional drilling performance and MWD data quality.


Heavy duty fishing tools with a range of new features that increase success rate and significantly reduce the duriation of the fishing operation.

CUPP Computing

CUPP is a technology provider in the security domain for all portable devices and the Internet of Things. CUPP have an extensive patent portfolio from many years of R&D with leading industry experts in Israel, California and Norway.

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