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ProVenture leads Seed round in My Voice

The voice biometry pioneers in My Voice has raised 25 MNOK led by ProVenture . The investment allow the company to further unlock the power of the human voice from doorbells and mobile phones to cars and internet services.

From left: Ivar Line, Nicola Andelíc (My Voice), Herbjørn Skjervold and Borgar Ljosland (ProVenture)

My Voice really made an impression. The more we got to know the people, technology and early customer traction the more convinced we got about the potential of the company -says Herbjørn Skjervold in ProVenture.
It is rare to meet an early stage startup that combines commercial execution power and experience with some of the finest scientific brains in one unified culture across Norway, UK, France and Israel. It intrigues us that they solve a hard technical problem very few people knows how to solve; delivering performance and scalability that enables unique value propositions and use cases from ultra-low power devices to large scale internet services -says Borgar Ljosland in ProVenture.

MY VOICE My Voice Ai unlocks the power of voice using the latest machine learning techniques. Starting with speaker identification and continuing with sentiment analysis, emotion detection and the real-time evaluation of other speaker characteristics. Founded in 2017 by Ivar Line, Nicola Andelic and Dr. David Horowitz, the company has built a team of scientists and serial entrepreneurs in Norway, UK, France and Israel. The team aims at becoming a leading provider of voice biometry and other voice enabled applications, addressing multiple billion dollar market verticals with its scalable product range and unique technology roadmap.


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