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ProVenture invests in InfoTiles

InfoTiles open the ball being ProVenture Seed III’s first investment.

Picture: The InfoTile team consisting of Johnny Alexander Gunneng, Svein Christian Ulvatne, Pedja Bihor and Magne Eide together with Borgar Ljosland and Ane Christophersen from ProVenture.

InfoTiles has developed a cloud-based streaming service to gather, process, analyse and visualise companies’ data in one place in real time. They provide a source-independent data processing platform that collects, processes, correlates and presents data from sensors (IoT), open data sources, internal IT systems and SCADA or operating systems. In this way, all data is made available in the same solution, for analysis, notification, and machine learning, enabling the user to make sense of their data.

InfoTiles addresses the issue organizations have with data coming in a multitude of formats, from multiple sources. InfoTiles’ SaaS/PaaS solution normalizes the data, allowing continuous, real-time analysis and monitoring. This enables users to visualize and process the information with analytics and predictions - making sense of the data. The platform is flexible, low cost and easy-to-use, lowering the barriers for organizations to digitalise their operations.

So far, InfoTiles has been focusing their efforts within the Smart-City segment, delivering solutions to pilot customers like utilities and municipalities. They were awarded the "Smart city solution of the year" in Norway. We see great potential in the InfoTiles platform, across industry segments, says Borgar Ljosland in ProVenture. We believe that digital companies like InfoTiles hold parts of the solution to the energy transition the world is undergoing.

InfoTiles is based in Sandnes, Norway, with four full-time employees and a development team in Bosnia.


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