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New seed fund + New team

We're so happy to announce that our new seed fund is open for business. The fund will be invested in digital technology startups that aspire to build substantial economic, social and environmental value by utilizing sustainable business models.

The new fund is managed by a new team consisting of well known names in the norwegian startup scene. Our goal was to build a team with solid international experience - entrepreneurs and leaders who understand what it takes to build and sell a company. Combined with more than a decade of investing experience we are confident we will add great value to the startups we invest in.

New ProVenture Team: Tom, Borgar, Ane, Ingvar, Geir Ove and Herbjorn
From top left: Tom Arnøy, Borgar Ljosland, Ane Christophersen, Ingvar Katmo, Geir Ove Kjesbu, Herbjørn Skjervold.

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