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Lyse joins lead investor ProVenture in backing InfoTiles

The follow-up investment size is totalling NOK 15M in an equity round equally split between ProVenture and Lyse.

Picture: The InfoTile team consisting of Johnny Alexander Gunneng, Svein Christian Ulvatne, Pedja Bihor and Magne Eide together with Borgar Ljosland and Ane Christophersen from ProVenture. Marco Westergren is also part of the team, but unfortunately he could not attend the photo shoot - probably solving some complex hydrology problem.

ProVenture has been an active investor from day one. They have led the investment process openly and professionally, with a clear team spirit along the way – says Johnny Alexander Gunneng, Founder & CEO in InfoTiles
ProVenture generally takes lead in the investment process to ensure that founders have strong investor consortiums to support the growth of their companies. Together with our co-presence in Stavanger, a professional corporate investment team and an industry building mindset makes Lyse the right co-investor in InfoTiles - says Borgar Ljosland in ProVenture


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