Magnetic particle collector - extracts magnetic particles from drilling mud


ProVenture Seed II

Customer Segment Drilling fluid handling on deck
Product Magnetic Active Separator (MAPS) -A product that removes magnetic iron particles from the drilling fluid down to 5 micron. The result is enhanced control of directionl drilling, improved quality of MWD data and reduced wear on shaker screens and mud pumps
Background The team consist of Jan Egil Pallin, Geir Olav Ånesbug and Prof. Arild Saasen. They developed a prototype that has been tested on 5 offshore rigs with outstanding results. The product will be commercialized in 2019.
Headquarters Trondheim
Time of Investment December 2018
Time of Exit N/A
Co-investor None
Contact person at ProVenture David Lysne

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CEO:   Jan Erik Pallin

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