Our Investment Focus

Specialising in early-phase companies, we understand the challenges of an entrepeneur

We are proud of our reputation and results as an investor. This is earned by years of learning from our success cases and by sticking to our well tested and comprehensive investment process, see simplified illustration below. 

ProVenture - an active investor

In ProVenture we believe in being "close and personal" to our portfolio companies.   An open and transparent communication warrant a successful partnership.
Our main focus is to ensure that relevant actions are aligned with the company strategy, both long term and short term.


Our investment process

Our investment process guarantee a thorough quality control before the decision is made to invest in a company. As an active investor our investment team works side-by-side with the entrepreneurs to offer strategic advice and help solve unique challenges.  Together with the start-up team we establish a mutually agreed exit strategy from day one.

How do we contribute?

On the technical side our portfolio companies are extremely strong and experienced. On the matter of running a successful business the ProVenture team brings valuable experience into the company in various ways, such as:
  • Being a Member and/or Chairman of the Board 
  • Work on Exit-strategy
  • Team assessment
  • Business Development
  • Network 
  • IPR strategy 

Could your company fit our portfolio?

"It's a fit"

The ProVenture team's knowledge and experience from areas such as finance, government, entrepeneurship and business management, provides the right skills to identify potential portfolio companies.

Following our mandate, we invest in Norwegian companies at  seed/startup stage (must be younger than 5 years since registration date)

When identifying potential companies we assess the following main areas as illustrated here:

Could this be of interest for your company?

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